St.Paradise - Live it up, from their sole self-titled debut album, released in 1979. St.Paradise was another US melodic hard rock band with tremendous potential. Unfortunately fairly short-lived, they were formed by ex-Ted Nugent band members, Derek St.Holmes on guitars and vocals, and bassist/vocalist Rob Grange. Drumming duties were competently handled by Denny Carmassi, ex-Montrose. The band showed much promise and were signed to Warner Brothers Records, for whom they recorded our featured album. Following a European tour supporting Van Halen, which failed to win them new fans, the band split, with Carmassi going on to join Gamma and St.Holmes joining Aerosmith's Brad Whitford for a once off album before rejoining Nugent in1 982.

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St. Paradise - 1979 - St. Paradise - 3/5



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