Not much is known about this frighteningly good Swiss band,other than the fact that they're probably one of the best European bands to hit the progressive scene in the last ten years. Judging by the photo's, the guys don't exactly pass as pensioners, but their roots are firmly entrenched in the early seventies ( do we take bets that they got their name from a Captain Beyond song from their "Sufficiently Breathless" album? Not only are these guys good, but they listen to and get inspiration from one of the best bands in the world! ). Starglow Energy are a really good guitar/organ( Hammond - what else? ) dominated quartet that deserve all the acclaim in the world. Their albums aren't that easy to get here ( what else is new? ), but if you do spot any one of their four releases, grab it with both hands! 

Biography by Stanton Swihart
Starglow Energy formed as a five-piece during 1990 in Switzerland and have toured their native land as well as adjacent countries with their brand of 1970s-inspired prog rock ever since. The band's debut album, Same, was privately pressed and released in 1993, after which the group lost a member in 1994, dropping Starglow Energy to the stable four-member unit it has remained: Gogs Andrighetto (vocals, guitars), Vivo Stefania (bass), Luky Bosshardt (Hammond organ, Mini Moog, mellotron), and Michi Stefania (drums). Time Machine appeared in 1995, and the live 100% Live followed in 1996 (numerous singles and contributions to various music samplers also appeared during that stretch). Their third studio album, Gate to Celdan, came out in 1998. Starglow Energy works with strains of Uriah Heep, Atomic Rooster, and Grand Funk Railroad, but they attempt to raise the intelligence quotient of those bands a notch or two. 




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Starglow Energy - 1995 - Time Machine - 3.5/5

Starglow Energy - 1996 - 100 percent Live - 3.5/5

Starglow Energy - 1998 - Gate To Celdan - 2.5/5



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