One of the unsung heroes of the British blues scene, Stan" the man" Webb has been around for many years. He formed his band in the mid sixties, together with bassist Andy Sylvester and vocalist Christine Perfect ( later McVie ). Like Savoy Brown, Chicken Shack went through many line-up changes over the years, with Webb putting the band on " ice " a few times. He was once a member of the aforementioned Savoy Brown ( what a treat - Kim Simmonds, Stan Webb and Miller Anderson of Keef Hartley fame, three of the world's best blues guitarists, in one band together! Pity the Boogie Brothers didn't go much further. ). Webb also formed Broken Glass at one stage, but Chicken Shack was always clucking under the surface and he reformed the band on numerous occasions, sometimes under his own name.He's apparently still around today, playing to very appreciative audiences in small venues in the UK. British Blues at its best!

Stan Webb's Chicken Shack 
Stan Webb's Chicken Shack - The Thrill is Gone, from "Stan the Man Live", recorded in 1995, his/their 15th album. Chicken Shack have been featured on numerous occasions on the show and are well documented in these pages so you can read up on this great British blues/rock outfit and their terribly underrated guitarist/vocalist/founder Stan Webb elsewhere. This great album was recorded on the 20th of August 1995 in England and it featured Gary Davis on second guitar, Bev Smith on drums and James Morgan on bass, together with Stan the Man, who's kept his band going since the mid to late sixties. He has one of the most unique voices in blues and he's undoubtedly one of the best blues guitarists around. When people talk blues guitarists, they mention the Claptons, Crays, Moores and Vaughans of the world. It's about time the name of Stan the Man gets mentioned more often. 
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