When you look at the sleeve notes on an album and you see that it's been dedicated to none other than the great Vincent Crane, late keyboard player/founder of England's best, Atomic Rooster, you know that you're onto a good thing. Are you ever! Standarte are an Italian progressive outfit, one of the finest to come out of a country that has it's fair share of brilliant bands and beautiful women. Michele Profeti plays keyboards (old Vincent would be really chuffed at the way this guy plays the Hammond B3!), Stefano Gabbani plays bass, mellotron and Moog and Daniele Caputo plays drums and sings. It certainly sounds as if there's a guitarist somewhere, but no credits are shown. Like many Italian outfits, the musicianship is superb and the album is well produced with a nice beefy and clear sound. We know of three albums by Standarte, all equally good. The second album, " Curses and Invocations", came out in 1997, and the third album, "Stimmung", in 1998. All are on the Black Widow label and are certainly worth checking out.
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Standarte - 1994 - Standarte - 3/5

Standarte - 1996 - Curses And Invocations - 4/5

Standarte - 1998 - Stimmung - 3.5/5



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