Spooky Tooth were formed in London in 1967 out of a band called Art, who had previously been known as The V.I.P's. The founding members of the band were vocalist Mike Harrison, guitarist Luther Grosvenor, bassist Greg Ridley, drummer Mike Kellie and American keyboard player Gary Wright. Ridley left after the first album, released in 1968, to team up with Peter Frampton and Steve Marriott in Humble Pie. He was replaced by Steve Thompson for arguably their best album, "Spooky Two", in 1969. During the band's six or so year history, the line-up would be augmented by the likes of drummer Bryson Graham from Mainhorse, keyboard player John Hawken from the original Renaissance, Keith Ellis from Juicy Lucy, and for their last album, "The Mirror", vocalist Mike Patto from Patto and Boxer, bassist Val Moore and guitarist Mick Jones. Gary Wright, in the meantime, apart from fronting his own band, "Wonderwheel", also released a number of very good solo albums, the fourth of which,"The Dream Weaver", released in 1976, would go on to be very successful in the US. Original guitarist Luther Grosvenor would join Mott the Hoople in 1974, becoming known as Ariel Bender! Mike Harrison released three solo albums, and Mick Jones went on to find fame as one of the founder members of megastars, Foreigner. Imagine our surprise when we learnt that Harrison, Kellie, Grosvenor and Ridley had reformed the band in the late 90's and released a new album, "Cross Purpose", in 1999. A bit lightweight by 70's era Spooky Tooth standards, but nonetheless their sound is still unmistakable.

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Biography by Steve Huey
Part of the early-'70s British hard rock scene, Spooky Tooth grew out of the bluesy VIPs and prog-rock group Art and consisted of vocalist Mike Harrison, keyboardist/vocalist Gary Wright, guitarist Luther Grosvenor, bassist Greg Ridley, and drummer Mike Kellie. The group built a following through countless gigs and recorded its debut album, It's All About, in 1968. Spooky Two became their most successful album in the U.S.; afterwards, Ridley left to join Humble Pie and was replaced by Andy Leigh. Following 1970's Ceremony, Wright left to form Wonderwheel, while Grosvenor took the name Ariel Bender and joined Stealers Wheel and later Mott the Hoople. The addition of three members of Joe Cocker's Grease Band — Henry McCullough, Chris Stainton, and Alan Spenner — was not enough to keep the band afloat, and Spooky Tooth broke up after The Last Puff in 1970. A reunion in 1973 with Wright, Harrison, and future Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones produced several LPs, including the moderately successful You Broke My Heart So I Busted Your Jaw, but personnel shifts and a lack of top-notch material ended the project in 1974. Wright went on to a successful solo career, scoring pop hits like "Dream Weaver," and Mike Kellie later joined the punk-pop Only Ones. 


Mick Jones
Gary Wright
Luther Grosvenor
Mike Harrison
Andy Leigh
Henry McCullough
Val Burke
Bryson Graham
Mike Patto
Greg Ridley
Alan Spenner
Chris Stainton
Chris Stewart
Mike Kellie

Mott the Hoople
Mike Harrison
Blodwyn Pig
Humble Pie
Deep Purple
Uriah Heep
Wishbone Ash

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Spooky Tooth - 1968 - It's All About - 4/5

Spooky Tooth - 1969 - Spooky Two - 4.5/5

Spooky Tooth - 1970 - Ceremony - 2/5

Spooky Tooth - 1970 - The Last Puff - 4.5/5

Spooky Tooth - 1973 - Witness - 3.5/5

Spooky Tooth - 1973 - You Broke My Heart So I Busted Your Jaw - 2/5

Spooky Tooth - 1974 - The Mirror (Island) - 4./5

Spooky Tooth - 1999 - Cross Purpose - 3/5

Spooky Tooth - 2000 - Comic Violence - 3/5



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