Snowy White's career goes way back to the late sixties when he featured with Sweden's November, a very competent hard rock trio in the Budgie/Stray mould. He moved to the UK and got involved with Stud, the band formed by the remaining Taste members when Rory Gallagher left to do his solo thing, although White never appeared on any of Stud's three albums. He became one of the most sought after guitarists, featuring with the likes of Jonathan Kelly's Outside, Pink Floyd and a host of others. He's probably best known for his work with Irish rockers Thin Lizzy ( he replaced Gary Moore in the band ). He recorded his first solo album in 1983, and both he and his record company were astounded at how much of a hit " Bird of Paradise" would become. In the 80's, he formed his Blues Agency and he's still around today, recording under the name of Snowy White and The White Flames. A new album, " Keep out - we are toxic ", surfaced recently. You would need to look very far to find a guitarist better than Snowy White.
The question is: " Snowy White replaced Gary Moore in which famous Irish hard rock outfit?"
Answer: Thin Lizzy
Snowy White - Looking for Somebody, from "Rattlesnake Guitar", in 1995, a stunning double CD, featuring the likes of Rory Gallagher, Ian Anderson, Arthur Brown, Harvey Mandel, Kim Simmonds, Snowy White and a host of other luminaries playing the music of Peter Green, who is highly respected by all these great musicians. Everything from "The Green Manalishi" to "Albatross" is covered on this Viceroy Records release.

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Biography by Heather Phares
British-born blues/rock guitarist Snowy White first became interested in music at age 11, when he heard urban blues performers like B.B. King, Otis Rush, and Buddy Guy, and was inspired to create his own clean, hard-edged style of British blues.

After moving to London in the early '70s, White spent the decade forging his sound and playing with like-minded artists such as Pink Floyd, Peter Green, and Thin Lizzy. In 1979 Thin Lizzy asked White to join them as a full-time band member; he did, touring and recording Chinatown and The Renegade with them.

In pursuit of different musical directions, White left Thin Lizzy in 1982. Joined by drummer Richard Bailey, bassist Kuma Harada, and keyboardist Godfrey Wang, he recorded his solo debut White Flames. Its single "Bird of Paradise" became an international hit, reaching number three on the U.K. charts.

Not content to be known as a singles artist, White rethought his approach to music. After deciding to focus on his guitar playing, he formed a touring blues band in 1986 with Harada, drummer Jeff Allen, and vocalist/guitarist Graham Bell. For three years the band toured and recorded, releasing Change My Life and Open for Business.

In 1990, however, White's old friend Roger Waters offered him a supporting slot in his epic Berlin performance of The Wall. White performed a memorable solo during "Comfortably Numb" atop the 80-foot high Berlin Wall, alongside other guest artists like Van Morrison and Bryan Adams. Waters also called on White the following year to play with him at the Guitar Legends concert in Seville.

At this point, White decided to re-enter the music mainstream, and recorded songs he had collected over the past few years. The result was 1993's Highway to the Sun, his second solo album, featuring guests like David Gilmour, Chris Rea, and Gary Moore. His next album, Goldtop, was a retrospective piece, covering White's work from the early '70s to the '90s. 1998 saw the release of Little Wing, recorded with drummer Juan van Emmerloot and bassist Walter Latapeirissa as White's new backing band; Melting followed a year later. 



Gary Moore
Peter Green

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Snowy White - 1983 - White Flames - 3/5

Snowy White - 1985 - Snowy White - 2.5/5

Snowy White - 1989 - Open for Business - 4/5

Snowy White - 1990 - Bird of Paradise - 4/5

Snowy White - 1994 - Highway to the Sun - 3/5

Snowy White - 1998 - Little Wing - 4/5

Snowy White - 1999 - Keep Out, We Are Toxic - 4/5

Snowy White - 1999 - Melting - 2.5/5

Snowy White - 1999 - Pure Gold, The Solo Years - 4/5

Snowy White - 2002 - Restless - 4/5

Snowy White - 2002 - That Certain Thing - 4/5

Snowy White - 2005 - The Way It Is - 4/5



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