Snail - Joker, taken off their excellent "there's not a weak track on it" self-titled debut album, released in 1978. Unfortunately, we don't have nor can't find any information about this really good US country/hard rock outfit whose style can best be described as Firefall meets Marshall Tucker meets Poco. According to the limited sleeve notes, it appears as if the band's roots go back to the late sixties, and that it took them nearly ten years to release this album. We haven't seen it on CD anywhere, but if you do happen to spot it somewhere, grab it with both hands. It's excellent, and guitarist Ken Kraft is incredibly good, as are the rest of the musicians in this quartet. A second album, called "Flow", was released, also on the Cream label, in 1979, but it wasn't as good as their debut. 

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Cetu Javu

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Snail - 1978 - Snail - 2.5/5

Snail - 1979 - Flow - 2.5/5



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