Sir Lord Baltimore - Loe and Behold, from "Sir Lord Baltimore", their debut album, released in 1971. Sir Lord Baltimore were a little known US hard rock quartet based in New York. The line-up included Joey and Louis Dambra, both on guitars and keyboards, John Garner on drums and Gary Justin on bass. The riffs were there, placing them almost in the same league as Blue Cheer, Iron Butterfly and Steppenwolf, but they failed to reach the heights attained by these other better known outfits and split in the early seventies, having released a second album, "Kingdom Come", also in 1971. 

Biography by Richie Unterberger
Long esteemed by collectors as one of the first American heavy metal bands, Sir Lord Baltimore (from Brooklyn) released a couple of little-known albums in the early '70s. Some specialists have raved about these as among the more innovative and eclectic early metal efforts, which probably says more about the severe limitations of the form than the group's creativity. There are touches of progressive rock in their work, especially on the longer tracks. But there's little here that a head-banger couldn't immediately relate to, which may serve as a recommendation or a warning, depending upon your taste. Just as recent metal bands have garnished their core with dashes of contemporary trends like grunge, punk, or AOR rock, so did Sir Lord Baltimore reflect the hard rock/progressive rock of their day, without enough hooks or imagination to attract either commercial or critical success. An odd footnote, though, was the involvement of future Bruce Springsteen manager Mike Appel, who co-wrote and helped arrange all of the songs on their first LP. 


Joey Dambra
Louis Dambra
John Garner
Gary Justin

Three Man Army
Hairy Chapter

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Sir Lord Baltimore - 1970 - Kingdom Come - 2/5

Sir Lord Baltimore - 1971 - Sir Lord Baltimore - 3.5/5



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