Show of Hands - Moondance, from "Formerly Anthrax" in 1970, their first, and only album. Don't look for Joey Belladonna or Scott Ian in this band,' cause you won't find them! THAT Anthrax is a touch heavier than this US trio who were made up of guitarist/vocalist/flautist Jerry McCann, percussionist Rick Cutler and keyboard/keyboard bass player Jack Jacobson. If you liked The Peddlers, you'll love this keyboard dominated, jazz influenced outfit. The album, released on the Elektra label, features a number of self-penned tracks as well as a few well covered covers, such as Hendrix's "May this be Love /One Rainy Wish", Richie Havens' "No opportunity necessary, no experience needed", and a wonderful version of our featured Van Morrison classic, a bit faster that the one you know and love, but that Hammond makes it all worthwhile! Oh, by the way, this was for Van Morrison - he turns 55 years old on 31st August. And Show of Hands? They unfortunately faded into obscurity, with only Cutler surfacing in 1981 with vocalist/guitarist Tommy Tutone (Heath).

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