Shocking Blue were a Dutch pop/progressive outfit put together by ex-Motions guitarist Robbie van Leeuwen. They originally featured a male vocalist (Fred de Wilde), together with drummer Cornelius van der Beek and bassist Klassje van der Wal and had a minor hit in their home country with "Lucy Brown is back in Town". de Wilde was replaced by lady singer Mariska Veres, and with her long dark hair, striking good looks and powerful vocals, she brought the group a sexy image that did wonders for them. "Venus" was a smash hit in almost every country in Europe and it also went to the top of the US charts in February 1970. They enjoyed another big hit with "Mighty Joe", but after two further albums, they split in 1974, with van Leeuwen later surfacing in folk/jazz outfit Galaxy Inc. "Venus", of course, was covered by artists such as The Stockley Sisters, Bananarama and Stars on 45. 
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Biography by Dan Heilman
With a catchy guitar riff borrowed from "Pinball Wizard," this Dutch group had a worldwide hit in late 1969 with "Venus," which was later covered by Bananarama. After that they never had much success outside Europe, but they generated enough hits in enough parts of the world to warrant a compilation on Rhino Records. 


Cornelius VanDer Beek
Kassje VanDer Wal
Robby VanLeeuwen
Mariska Veres

Crabby Appleton
Tommy James & the Shondells
Bobby Sherman
Tommy Roe
The Archies

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Shocking Blue - 1968 - Third Album - 3/5

Shocking Blue - 1969 - At Home - 4.5/5

Shocking Blue - 1969 - Scorpio's Dance - 4/5

Shocking Blue - 1972 - Attila - 3.5/5

Shocking Blue - 1972 - Inkpot - 3/5

Shocking Blue - 1972 - Live In Japan - 4/5

Shocking Blue - 1973 - Dream on Dreamer - 3/5

Shocking Blue - 1974 - Good Times - 2.5/5



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