Formed in Cologne, Germany, Satin Whale were a late addition to the first wave of Krautrock, and were h eavily influenced by many of the bands that had preceded them, such as Sahara, Jane and Os Mundi, blending rock ballads with elaborate instrumentals that f eatured jazz and classical elements. The band was formed by keyboard player G erald Dellmann, guitarist/sax player/flautist/vocalist Dieter Roesberg, bassist Thomas Bruck and drummer Horst Schattgen. This debut album was the only album they recorded for Brain Records. Moving to Nova Records in 1975, they r eleased "Lost Mankind" that year with new drummer Wolfgang Hieronymi. This album was basically a continuation of their excellent debut and saw the band mature into a very competent outfit. They went on to release a further five albums, one of which was a soundtrack to a movie called "Die Faust in der Tasche", before splitting in the early eighties. Their final album, "Don't stop the Show", which was full-on mainstream song orientated rock, featured English vocalist Barry Palmer, who'd worked with fellow German progressive rockers, Triumvirat. 
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Satin Whale - 1974 - Desert Places - 4.5/5

Satin Whale - 1975 - Lost Mankind - 3.5/5

Satin Whale - 1976 - As A Keepsake - 4/5

Satin Whale - 1977 - Whalecome - 4/5

Satin Whale - 1978 - A Whale Of Time - 3.5/5

Satin Whale - 1979 - Die Faust in der Tasche - 3.5/5

Satin Whale - 1981 - Don't Stop the Show - 3/5



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