Sandrose - Underground Session, from their self-titled debut,and only, album, released in 1972. Another excellent and rare release from the immense Musea catalogue, this time from France. Sandrose were formed in 1971 by guitarist Jean Pierre Alarcen, previously with one or two other French bands, some of which had really cute names, such as "Systeme Crapoutchik"(!). They originally started out as a pop group but gradually moved on into the progressive field. The other members of the band were Christian Clairefond on bass, Michel Jullien on drums and Henri Garella on keyboards. Vocals were supplied by the seriously talented Rose Podwojny. They unfortunately didn't last particularly long and split in early 1973. A very good album with some stunning musicianship - our featured track, is all of 11 minutes of "instrumental progressive rock heaven", complete with keyboard and guitar parts that will leave you in awe. A recommended album, for sure. 

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Sandrose - 1972 - Sandrose - 4/5



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