Samurai - Saving it up for so long, taken off their rare self-titled debut, and only, album, released in 1971. Samurai, not to be confused with the early seventies Japanese psych/progressive act of the same name, were an English outfit who were formed when late sixties/early seventies outfit "The Web" folded in 1970. The Web's first two albums were fairly lightweight, but their final album, "I Spider", was a masterpiece. All the tracks were written by keyboard player Dave Lawson, and he moved on to Samurai the following year, together with drummer Kenny Beveridge, bassist John Eaton and guitarist Tony Edwards. Sax players Don Fay and Tony Roberts gave Samurai their fantastic jazzy sound. Their album, largely unknown and ignored, was an excellent example of British jazz/rock, sort of King Crimson meets Blodwyn Pig, and is highly recommended. Dave Lawson went on to become a founder member of Greenslade with Colosseum's Dave Greenslade in 1973.
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Samurai - 1971 - Samurai - 3.5/5



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