Room - No Warmth in my Life, from ''Pre-Flight", their first and only album, released in 1970. Next to Leaf Hound's "Growers of Mushroom" and Mellow Candle's "Swaddling Songs", Room's album is one of the r arest on the Deram label and is worth quite a bit on the collector's market. A UK quintet, the band was made up of vocalist Jane Kevern, bassist Roy Putt, guitarists Chris Williams and Steve Edge and drummer Bob Jenkins. Their music is basically p rogressive rock with strong bluesy overtones, with the odd excursion into jazzy territory. There's even a tasteful mix of brass and strings, with some interesting vocal tones from Jane Kevern. The musicianship is above average, but that didn't prevent the band from fading into obscurity. A Chris Williams later appeared with German progressive outfit, Abacus, but we're not sure if it's the same Chris Williams. Bob Jenkins later appeared with Kiki Dee, Sally Oldfield, Alphaville and Lionsheart. 


Biography by Michael Sutton
The Liverpool, England, new wave band the Room were greeted with critical rhapsodies when they first appeared in the early '80s. Featuring Dave Jackson (vocals), Paul Cavanagh (guitar), Becky Stringer (bass), and Alan Wills (drums), the Room formed in 1983, releasing several singles on Box Records. None of the singles penetrated the pop charts, but music writers showered them with praise. In 1984, the Room opened for former Television leader Tom Verlaine; Verlaine was so impressed with the group that he produced several tracks on the Room's 1984 LP In Evil Hour. The Room also hired veteran Smiths producer John Porter for In Evil Hour. However, such renowned assistance couldn't elevate the Room from its cult status; the critics still loved them, but nobody else seemed interested in listening. To expand its sound, the band added Pete Baker (organ, synthesizer) and Phil Lucking (trombone, trumpet) to its lineup. The Room released one more album, 1986's Nemesis, before disintegrating. Jackson created Benny Profane in the late '80s with Stringer and Baker. The Room are perhaps best known for the song "New Dreams for Old"; highlighted by Jackson's dynamic vocals and Baker's jazzy trumpet, the track became an underground radio hit in the Philippines in 1988, four years after its U.K. release. 




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Room - 1970 - Pre-Flight - 3/5



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