Now here's another exceptionally talented guitarist who's been around for a number of years. Ronnie Montrose formed his first band, Montrose, in 1973, with a young Sammy Hagar on vocals. Their debut album is, alongside Van Halen's first album, considered to be the best debut rock album ever released. Montrose the band released five albums before Montrose the man formed "Gamma" in the late seventies, just after he released his first solo album, "Öpen Fire". Gamma lasted for three studio albums, disolving in 1982. Since then, he's released quite a few amazing albums in the jazz and rock fields. Two new albums, "Roll Over and Play Live" and "Bearings", have recently surfaced.
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Biography by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Guitarist Ronnie Montrose began his career as a backing musician, playing with Van Morrison, Boz Scaggs, and Edgar Winter. He finally formed his own band in 1973. Named after the guitarist, Montrose also featured vocalist Sammy Hagar, bassist Bill Church, and drummer Denny Carmassi; they released their debut album in 1974, and Church was replaced by Alan Fitzgerald shortly after its release. Released the following year, Paper Money confirmed the band's status as one of the more popular hard rock acts of their era. However, Hagar was fired after completing the Paper Money tour. Bob James replaced him and keyboardist Jim Alcivar joined the band, yet Montrose's next two albums — 1975's Warner Brothers Presents Montrose and 1976's Jump on It — were commercial failures.

Ronnie Montrose broke up the band after the release of Jump on It and began his own solo career with the all-instrumental Open Fire (1978). Montrose then formed another hard rock group, Gamma. Gamma recorded three albums between 1979 and 1982. After they broke up in 1982, Montrose began his solo career again. Alternating between hard rock and jazz-rock, he has released six albums since. 



Thin Lizzy
Bad Company
David Coverdale
Ritchie Blackmore
Grand Funk Railroad

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Ronnie Montrose - 1978 - Open Fire - 3/5

Ronnie Montrose - 1986 - Territory - 2/5

Ronnie Montrose - 1988 - The Speed of Sound - 3.5/5

Ronnie Montrose - 1990 - The Diva station - 2/5

Ronnie Montrose - 1991 - Mutatis Mutandis - 2.5/5

Ronnie Montrose - 1994 - Music from Here - 3/5

Ronnie Montrose - 1996 - Mr. Bones (Sega OST) - 2/5

Ronnie Montrose - 1999 - Bearings - 4/5

Ronnie Montrose - 1999 - Roll over and Play Live - 3.5/5



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