Roadmaster were classified as the US's premier pomp rock outfit, formed in the mid seventies. Vocal duties were handled by Stephen McNally, drums by Bobby Johns, bass by Toby Myers, keyboards by Mike Read and guitars by Rick Benick. Their debut, self-titled album, released on Mercury Records, as were all four of their albums, came out in 1977. Their second and third albums, "Sweet Music" and "Hey World", released in 1978 and 1979 respectively, are a pomp rocker's delight - you don't get much better than these albums. Our featured album saw the band move in a harder radio style. An "unreleased" live album is now also available, and a couple of their studio a lbums are soon to be available on CD.  
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Roadmaster - 1978 - Roadmaster - 3.5/5

Roadmaster - 1978 - Sweet Music - 3.5/5

Roadmaster - 1979 - Fortress - 3/5

Roadmaster - 1979 - Hey World - 2.5/5

Roadmaster - 1989 - Live plus 5 - 4/5



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