The Riverdogs were blessed with one of the finest vocalists around in guitarist/keyboard player Rob LaMothe, who, together with bass guitarist/vocalist Nick Brophy, formed the band in Los Angeles during the early eighties. They went through one or two line-up changes before stabilizing with the addition of ex-Whitesnake guitarist Vivian Campbell. This debut album, which must rate as one of the best melodic/country/blues rock albums of that year, featured guest drummer Mike Baird. Campbell subsequently left (later to join Shadow King and Def Leppard), and Brophy took over lead guitar duties, leaving the bass up to new member, Cary Beare. Another new addition to the band was drummer Ronnie Ciago, and, together with the vocally blessed LaMothe, the new Riverdogs released an excellent follow-up to their debut. Called "Bone", it was unfortunately released on the little-known German Dream Circle Record label in 1993, which made it a tad difficult to find. Pity, because it really was in a class of its own and deserved to be heard. That year also saw the release of their "Absolutely Live" album, on the same label. Recorded at Third Encore in North Hollywood, The Riverdogs proved that they were as good, if not better, live, than they were in the studio. That seemed to be it from The Riverdogs - no new albums were forthcoming and we suspect that they've split. We've seen both LaMothe and Brophy's names crop up here and there with one or two other bands, but that's about it.

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Tygers of Pan Tang
Miller Anderson
Child's Play

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Riverdogs - 1988 - Riverdogs - 3/5

Riverdogs - 1992 - Absolutely Live - 3.5/5

Riverdogs - 1993 - Bone - 3/5

Riverdogs - 2004 - Riverdogs & on Air - 4/5



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