Riot were formed in New York in 1976 by guitarist Mark Reale and vocalist Guy Speranza. They were plagued by record company problems from the very start and were the subject of a petition to get one of their albums released in Europe. " Narita ", their second album, is considered to be one of the best hard rock albums of the late seventies. They became extremely popular in Japan. Forrester was recruited from a band called "Rachel ", and he remained with the band for another three albums before the band was put on ice in 1984. They reformed in 1988 and they're still around today, having recently released a new album, "Sons of Society ". Forrester was tragically killed in January 1994. Visit their website.

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Biography by Jason Ankeny
The long-lived New York-based heavy metal band Riot was formed in 1976 by guitarist/songwriter Mark Reale, who in time recruited vocalist Guy Speranza, guitarist L.A. Kouvaris, bassist Jimmy Iommi and drummer Peter Bitelli. After debuting in 1977 with Rock City, Kouvaris was replaced by guitarist Rick Ventura, and the group returned in 1979 with Narita; Iommi and Bitelli were the next to exit, and with the recruitment of bassist Kip Leming and drummer Sandy Slavin the classic Riot line-up was in place. Tours in support of AC/DC and Molly Hatchet followed before the release of 1981's Fire Down Under, considered by fans the band's creative peak; with the departure of frontman Speranza, however, Riot suffered a major blow from which they never fully recovered. New vocalist Rhett Forrester made his debut on 1982's Restless Breed, but after issuing Made in America a year later. Reale announced the band's dissolution; after forming a new group, the Mark Reale Project, he reformed Riot in late 1986 with vocalist Tony Moore, bassist Don VanStavern and drummer Bobby Jarzombek. The new line-up's comeback effort, Thundersteel, appeared in 1988, followed two years later by The Privilege of Power; after adding second guitarist Mike Flyntz and replacing VanStavern with bassist Pete Perez, the group toured the Far East, yielding the LP Riot in Japan Live !!! in 1992. After 1994's Nightbreaker, Jarzombek quit Riot, and was replaced by drummer John Macaluso for 1996's The Brethren of the Long House; Jarzombek returned to the fold to release Inishmore two years later, with Sons of Society following in 1999. 


Rhett Forrester
Peter Bitelli
Jimmy Iommi
L.A. Kouvaris
Kip Leming
Tony Moore
Mark Reale
Sandy Slavin
Guy Speranza
Rick Ventura
Bobby Jarzombek
Don Van Stavern
Mike Flyntz
Pete Perez
John Macaluso

Paul Stanley
Peter Criss
Gene Simmons
Ace Frehley

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Riot - 1977 - Rock City - 4/5

Riot - 1979 - Narita - 3.5/5

Riot - 1981 - Fire Down Under - 4.5/5

Riot - 1982 - Restless breed - 2.5/5

Riot - 1984 - Born in America - 2.5/5

Riot - 1988 - Thunder Steel - 4.5/5

Riot - 1990 - The Privilege of Power - 4/5

Riot - 1993 - Riot Live - 3.5/5

Riot - 1994 - Nightbreaker - 4/5

Riot - 1996 - The Brethren of the Long House - 4/5

Riot - 1998 - Inishmore - 2.5/5

Riot - 1998 - Shine On - 3/5

Riot - 1999 - Live in Japan - 3/5

Riot - 1999 - Sons of Society - 3/5

Riot - 2002 - Through the Storm - 4/5

Riot - 2006 - Army of One - 3.5/5



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