Not to be confused with the modern Riff Raff, the early seventies UK outfit or the early eighties Finnish outfit, this Riff Raff was a fantastic New York based quartet whose musical style was magnificent melodic hard rock with leanings towards Led Zeppelin and Boston. The members were vocalist/bassist Doug Lubahn, who later joined Billy Squire's band, Ned Lubahn on guitars and synthesizer, Mark Kaufman on drums and Werner Fritzsching on guitars. This was one of those "once-off" gems that left you feeling almost 'unsatisfied' that they never recorded a further album.
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Riff Raff - 1973 - Riff Raff - 4.5/5

Riff Raff - 1974 - Original Man - 3/5

Riff Raff - 1999 - Outside Looking In, Their Unreleased debut Album - 3/5



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