Red Rock Roosters - Circuit Rider, taken off their awesome debut album, "Altitude is everything", released in 1998. RRR is one of the best "Southern" hard rock outfits to come out of the US in the last ten or so years. The four members, bassist Curtis "Bear" Rawlins, guitarists James "JD"Hash and Bobby Barth, of Axe and Blackfoot fame and drummer Eric "Buzz" Wallace "came from as far away as Florida, West Virginia and California to come to Denver, Colorado to meet and form a collaboration of music, heart, soul and energy that they couldn't accomplish anywhere else. Altitude is Everything", according to the liner notes. This album has everything you would expect from an band of this type: there's the toetapping rocker with the typical crunching riff as well as the anthemic type "Green Grass and High Tides / Lonesome Guitar" track as well. Bobby Barth, of course, has a seriously respectable pedigree: his work with Blackfoot and Axe is legendary, as is his production work with Cita, amongst others. He produced this album and recognized the spirit and talent of these three unknown musicians, and, together, they've released an album that can rival anything in the Southern rock genre. Get this CD - it will blow you away!

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Red Rock Roosters - 1998 - Altitude Is everything - 4/5



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