London based band who were formed in 1969. Rare Bird
originally started out with two keyboard players, a drummer and a bassist, but no guitarist. Within a few weeks of existence, they were offered a residency at London's famed Marquee club, and before the end of the year, they had released their first album and had a cult hit with their track "Sympathy". Later albums would see the band joined by guitarist Andy Curtis and they adopted a more mainstream rock direction, releasing a total of six albums before splitting in the mid seventies.

Rare Bird 
Rare Bird - Somebody's Watching, the title track of their 4th album, released in 1973. We've had numerous requests to hear more material from this great UK outfit who were formed in London in October 1969. They are well represented on these pages so you can read up on them elsewhere. This album was their second for new label Polydor (they were initially signed to Charisma Records, for whom they released their first two albums in 1969 and1 970). Very popular on the Continent, they strangely didn't rattle too many cages in their home country and they split in the mid-seventies, having released a total of six albums, four of which are available on CD. Rare Bird may not have been as well known as many of their contemporaries, but they certainly were one of the better and classiest bands of the late sixties/early to mid seventies. 

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Biography by Bradley Torreano
Rare Bird came together in October 1969 when organist Graham Field, keyboardist Dave Kaffinetti, drummer Mark Ashton, and vocalist Steve Gould envisioned a two-keyboard rock sound without guitars. They released their debut before the end of the year, featuring the minor radio hit "Sympathy." The next year they released As Your Mind Flies By, a dark and heavier album that put further emphasis on Gould's melodramatic singing style. Field and Ashton left the group before Epic Forest, which saw new drummer Fred Kelly bring in guitarist Andy Curtis to revamp their sound into a more folk-oriented direction. Gould also picked up the guitar at this point, and the music became much more about their guitar interplay than anything else. By 1973's Somebody's Watching, interest had waned in their efforts, leaving the group with a dwindling fan base. Still, they managed to release one more album, 1974's Born Again, which featured an entirely different sound than the progressive rock of their first two albums. The band's demise was followed by a collection, Sympathy, which took its material from the first two albums only.


Mark Ashton
Kevin Lamb
Nic Potter
Graham Field
Steve Gould
Dave Kaffinetti
Paul Karas
Fred Kelly

Magna Carta

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Rare Bird - 1969 - Rare Bird - 3/5

Rare Bird - 1970 - As Your Mind Flies By - 4.5/5

Rare Bird - 1972 - Epic Forest - 3.5/5

Rare Bird - 1973 - Somebody's Watching - 3.5/5

Rare Bird - 1974 - Born Again - 3/5

Rare Bird - 2004 - Bull Feathers - 4/5

Rare Bird - 2004 - Third Time Around, An Introduction to Rare Bird - 4/5



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