A very interesting and underrated band, were Randy Pie. They were formed in Hamburg, Germany in the early seventies out of the ashes of a number of bands, one being the pop group, " The Rattles ", and another being a prog group called " Gash". Their first self titled album (also released as "Sightseeing Tour " ) was a prime example of excellent prog rock, complete with long, intricate passages, expertly performed. From their second album onwards ( Highway Driver ), they adopted a more Jazz/Funk/Pop direction, having a minor hit in 1975 ( in the disco's, nogal! ), with the track " Highway Driver ". Some of Germany's best musicians, notably Dickie Tarrach, Jochen Pietersen, Werner Becker, Jean Jacqes Kravetz and Peter French, vocalist with Leafhound, Atomic Rooster and Cactus, passed through the ranks in Randy Pie. They split in the late seventies and reformed for a one off album in 1986. As far as we know, to date only " Highway Driver " is available on CD. Come on, Repertoire Records - you're getting slack!
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Werner Becker
Peter French
Jean Jacques Kravetz
Jochen Petersen
Dicky Tarrach
Manfred Thiers
Bernd Wippich


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Randy Pie - 1973 - Randy Pie - 3.5/5

Randy Pie - 1974 - Highway Driver - 3.5/5

Randy Pie - 1974 - Sightseeing Tour - 4/5

Randy Pie - 1975 - Kitsch - 3/5

Randy Pie - 1976 - England England - 4/5

Randy Pie - 1977 - Fast,Forward - 3/5

Randy Pie - 1986 - Magic Ferry - 4/5



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