US guitarist/vocalist Randy H ansen first attracted attention as a member of Kid Chrysler and the Cruisers, a nightclub band. Hansen's Hendrix influences were the most "ear" catching aspect of the band, whose repertoire encompassed various musical styles. Hansen formed "Machine Gun" in 1977, but his main claim to fame around that time was that he contributed Hendrix-influenced effects to the film soundtrack of "Apocalypse Now". He released his self-titled debut album in 1981, but it paled in comparison to that of his mentor. He later collaborated with drummer Buddy Miles in a revamped version of Band of Gypsies and he released "Astral Projection Live" in 1983. In the nineties he was working as part of a tribute revue with original Hendrix and Fat Mattress bassist, Noel Redding. Our featured album finds him in Germany, supported by Birth Control members, (the late) Horst Stachelhaus on bass and Manni Von Bohr on drums. He may have been harshly criticized in the past as being a blatant Hendrix clone, but give credit where it's due - he does it extremely well. He's vocals are as close as dammit and he gets a nice beefy and authentic tone out of his Strat. As the title says, this is essentially an album of Hendrix covers such as "Red House", "Foxy Lady" and a host of others. There are also great covers of The Beatles' "Sgt.Peppers" and Peter Green's "Rattlesnake Shake". Another G erman release, "Old Dog New Tricks", featuring the same backing members, was released in 1996. This was an album of original numbers, which proved that Randy Hansen could write and play with the best. 
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Randy Hansen - 1996 - Old Dogs New Tricks - 4/5



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