Ramses - War, from "La Leyla", in 1976, their debut album. Ramses were one of the better, more musical progressive German bands of the mid seventies. Formed in Hannover at a time when quite a few of the " Krautrock" scene bands had fallen by the wayside, Ramses were very much influenced by the likes of Starcastle and Yes, and it showed in their well played and well produced first two albums, this first one being produced by Jane's guitarist, Klaus Hess. Their third album was a bit of a disappointment and they split in the early eighties.


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Ramses - 1975 - La Leyla - 3.5/5

Ramses - 1978 - Eternity Rise - 3.5/5

Ramses - 1981 - Light Fantastic - 2.5/5

Ramses - 2000 - Control Me - 4/5



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