Q 5 were a Seattle based outfit formed out of the ashes of late 70's'early 80's US melodic rock outfit TKO, by guitarist Floyd Rose. Guitarist Rick Pierce, drummer Gary Thompson and bassist Evan Sheeley were all from TKO. Johnathan K was recruited on vocals, and this debut album, although very good, passed largely unnoticed due to a glut of releases from similar bands at the time, but they did have a minor hit with the title track. Floyd Rose, however, became well known as the inventor of the locking tremelo system, the now indispensable device that ensures that the guitar stays tuned even after the heaviest of tremelo use. A second album, "When the Mirror Cracks", was released in 1986, but the band folded shortly after its release.
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Gene Simmons
Ronnie Montrose
Dead Horse
Ozzy Osbourne
Graham Bonnet
Iron Maiden
Lucifer's Friend
Bruce Dickinson
Armored Saint
Forced Entry

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Q 5 - Steel the Light - 3.5/5

Q 5 - When the Mirror Cracks - 3/5



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