Phil Collins' Big Band - That's all, off their "A Hot night in Paris" album, released in 1999, the band's first album. ( Phil Collins is the subject of this week's Dino Quiz. A copy of this album is the giveaway prize ). Phil Collins joined British progmeisters Genesis in 1971 from their "Nursery Cryme" album onwards as drummer and vocalist. One of his early bands was Flaming Youth, a band with whom he released one fairly collectible album in the late sixties. Collins remained with Genesis for a number of years, taking over the lead vocal spot when Peter Gabriel left in May 1975, at the end of "The Lamb lies down on Broadway" tour. Collins is, apart from a tremendously successful solo artist, a world class jazz/fusion drummer, and his "other" band, Brand X, which he co-founded with guitarist John Goodsall, bassist Percy Jones and keyboard player Robin Lumley in 1976, gave him a perfect avenue to demonstrate his abilities. In 1998, Collins took his Big Band, complete with a 14 piece brass section, on tour to the US and Europe during 1998. Albeit an excellent album with some flawless playing, we've read one or two reports mentioning that the tour wasn't as successful as was hoped, the main reason being that the audiences were expecting to hear Collins sing as well as play! This is a non-vocal album, and should be appreciated as such. The man is a top class performer in every sense of the word, as his drumming abilities are equally as good as his singing abilities.Question ( of the Dino Quiz number 159 ): Name the famous British prog outfit Phil Collins joined in 1971 ).
Answer: Genesis.

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Phil Collins Big Band - 1999 - A Hot Night in Paris - 4/5



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