Phenomena - Believe, from "Phenomena", their first album, released in 1985. Phenomena was a conceptual project put together by Tom Galley, film historian, project co-ordinator and brother of Trapeze/Whitesnake guitarist, Mel. Based on a series of short stories revolving around a central theme of supernatural phenomena, the album contains musical contributions from well known musicians such as bassist Neil Murray, vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes, drummer Cozy Powell, keyboard player Richard Bailey, and Mel Galley on guitars. It's been compared to "The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner" as well as a few Pink Floyd albums, and a feature film was planned, but this fell through almost as soon as the album was released. A second album, "The Dream Runner", and featuring musicians such as guitarists Scott Gorham, John Thomas, Kyoyi Yamamoto, as well as Mel Galley once again, vocalists Ray Gillen, Max Bacon and John Wetton, drummers Mike Sturgis and Toshihiro Niimi and keyboard player Leif Johansen, was released in 1987. This album was better than the debut and appeared to be fairly well received, selling in excess of 250,000 copies worldwide. "Innervision", the third Phenomena album, released in 1992, was considered to be the best of the Phenomena projects. Once again, it featured Scott Gorham, Leif Johansen and Mike Sturgis, this time joined by guitarist Brian May, Keith Murell on vocals and O'Ryan on bass and vocals. The prospect of taking Phenomena out on the road, featuring material from all three albums, was a great possibility, but it's not known if this ever happened.

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Phenomena - 1985 - Phenomena - 3.5/5

Phenomena - 1987 - Phenomena II-Dream Runner - 3/5

Phenomena - 2006 - Psycho Fantasy - 3.5/5



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