Paul DiAnno was the original vocalist on Iron Maiden's first two studio albums, " Iron Maiden" and "Killers", as well as on their great "Maiden Japan" album in 1981. When he was unceremoniously asked to leave Iron Maiden, he recorded a self-titled solo album for FM Records in 1984 and he also formed the American influenced Lonewolf. He then put together the first incarnation of Battlezone with ex-Tokyo Blade guitarist John Wiggins, Bob Falck on drums, Pete West on bass and John Hurley on guitar.They released their debut album, "Fighting Spirit" on Raw Power Records in 1986. The band then embarked on a fairly successful US and European tour. On their return, Falck left to join Overkill. Hurley also left, with their respective replacements being ex-Persian Risk members, Steve Hopgood and Graham Bath. "Children of Madness" was released in 1987, but this was not as strong as their debut album, and the band broke up a while later, with DiAnno later turning up as a guest vocalist in the reformed Praying Mantis. He went on to form Killers, and then reformed Battlezone.
Question ( for the Dino Quiz number 158 ): Paul DiAnno was the vocalist in which famous British heavy metal band - was it Samson, Demon or Iron Maiden?
Answer: Iron Maiden
Prize: A copy of Paul DiAnno's Battlezone's "Feel my Pain" album.
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Paul Di Anno's Battlezone - 1986 - Fighting Back - 4/5

Paul Di Anno's Battlezone - 1987 - Children of Madness - 3/5



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