Guitarist/vocalist Pat Travers is one of the many gifted musicials to come out of Canada. He moved to London in search of fame and fortune in 1976, teamed up with drummer Roye Dyke and bassist Peter 'Mars' Cowling.He was eagerly snapped up by Polydor Records, and he released his first album that year. His second album, "Makin' Magic",also released in 1976, is one of the best rock guitar albums of the seventies, and it helped establish Travers as a guitarist to be admired and respected. Later albums would see the addition of second guitarist Pat Thrall ( Automatic Man ), drummers Nico McBrain, later to join Iron Maiden, Tommy Aldridge of Black Oak Arkansas fame, later to join Ozzy Osbourne's band, and Sandy Gennaro from Blackjack."Hot Shots" was Travers' last eighties album ( released in 1984 ), and it would be six years before he released a new album. From the early nineties to the present day, Travers has continued to demonstrate his excellent abilities, recording a number of stunning blues/rock albums for Blues Bureau International Records.Talent like this is not easy to find. Pat Travers is a worthy addition to our new Dinosaur Days compilation.
 ┬áPat Travers - Off Beat Ride, from "Putting it Straight", in 1977, his third album. Pat Travers appears once again on these pages by virtue of the fact that he turned 46 years old on the 12th of April this year, and it's just our way of saying thank you to one of our top guitarists for all the great music he's brought to us over the years and that we're thrilled that he's still continuing to record great music to this day ( check out our review a few weeks ago on his new "Don't Feed The Alligators" album.) On this album, he's joined by bassist Pete "Mars" Cowling, ex-Gnidrolog and drummer Nicko McBrain, later to find fame with Iron Maiden. Even in these early days, Travers' frightening talent was patently obvious. He's not one of the worlds' best guitarists for nothing. We just thought we'd take this opportunity to let you know that Pat Travers is one of the featured artists on our new Dinosaur Days CD.

Pat Travers 
 Pat Travers - Blues Magnet, from the album of the same name, released in 1994. This was Travers' third album for the Blues Bureau International label, for whom he recorded his first album, "Blues Tracks", in 1992. You can also read up on this fantastic Canadian guitarist elsewhere in these pages (he is also one of the featured artists on our second Dinosaur Days CD, a copy of which you hopefully have in your collection!). Pat Travers, who turned 47 years old on the 12th of April this year, is without doubt one of the finest blues/rock guitarists who ever lived. He's been around since the mid seventies and not one of his many albums is a disappointment. He has the most amazing guitar technique and has a great voice to boot. Our featured album sees him working together with bassist Mike Amico and drummer Aynsley Dunbar. He's released at least eight albums for the label to date, the latest being last year's "Don't Feed the Alligators". If there was ever a "best band of all time", PT should certainly be one of the featured guitarists. 

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Biography by Greg Prato
While most bluesy hard rock acts of the '70s and '80s hailed from the United States (the south, to be exact), there were several exceptions to the rule, such as Canadian singer/guitarist Pat Travers. Born in Toronto on April 12, 1954, Travers first picked up the guitar just prior to entering his teens, after witnessing a local performance by the great Jimi Hendrix. It wasn't long before Travers was studying the other top rock guitarists of the day (Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, etc.), and paying his dues by playing in bar bands in the Quebec area. His first true touring gig came his way when he hooked up with '50s rock n' roll vet Ronnie Hawkins (best known for performing with a backing cast that would eventually transform into The Band). But Travers' main love was hard rock, so after a year, he packed up his belongings and headed to London. Shortly after touchdown in the U.K., Travers recorded a demo that would land him a recording deal with Polydor and result in the release of his debut, Pat Travers, during the spring of 1976. A performance at England's annual Reading Festival the same year only peaked interest, which resulted in two more releases in 1977, Makin' Magic and Putting It Straight (both of which followed a pre-Iron Maiden Nicko McBrain on drums), before Travers returned to North America and set his sights on the U.S. rock market. Hooking up with a fine backing band comprised of drummer Tommy Aldridge, guitarist Pat Thrall, and bassist Mars Cowling, the new Travers band lineup premiered on 1979's Heat in the Street. This led to Travers' most commercially successful period, resulting in a pair of Top 30 releases, 1979's Live! Go For What You Know (considered by many Travers fans to be his finest hour) and 1980's Crash and Burn. But soon after the dawn of the '80s, bluesy hard rock seemed to quickly fall out of favor amongst the U.S. record buying public, in favor of slickly produced arena rock, and later, MTV-approved bands. As a result, each subsequent Travers release sold less, as his last albums to appear on the U.S. album charts included 1981's Radio Active, 1982's Black Pearl, and 1984's Hot Shot. Unhappy with Polydor, Travers opted to take a break from releasing albums for the remainder of the decade, but continued to tour. Travers' 1990 comeback album, School of Hard Knocks, failed to re-spark interest on the charts, although he continued to issue new studio albums (Blues Tracks, Just a Touch, Blues Magnet, etc.) and archival live sets (King Biscuit Flower Hour, BBC Radio One Live in Concert) throughout the decade. Travers continues to tour and record regularly (playing alongside the likes of Night Ranger's Jeff Watson, Cinderella's Tom Keifer, and Rick Derringer), and in 2001, performed as part of the 'Voices of Classic Rock' tour. Travers emerged from the recording studio once more in 2003, with P.T. Power Trio, a recording that featured covers by the likes of Cream ("White Room"), Robin Trower ("Day of the Eagle"), and ZZ Top ("Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings"), among others. 



War & Peace
Pat Thrall
Robin Trower
Rory Gallagher

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Pat Travers - 1976 - Pat Travers - 3/5

Pat Travers - 1977 - Makin' Magic - 3/5

Pat Travers - 1977 - Putting It Straight - 3/5

Pat Travers - 1979 - Heat in the Street - 3/5

Pat Travers - 1980 - Crash and Burn - 3/5

Pat Travers - 1981 - Radio Active - 3/5

Pat Travers - 1982 - Black Pearl - 4/5

Pat Travers - 1984 - Hot Shot - 4/5

Pat Travers - 1990 - School of Hard Knocks - 3/5

Pat Travers - 1992 - Blues Tracks - 3/5

Pat Travers - 1993 - Just a Touch - 3/5

Pat Travers - 1994 - Blues Magnet - 3/5

Pat Travers - 1995 - Halfway to Somewhere - 3/5

Pat Travers - 1996 - Lookin' Up - 3/5

Pat Travers - 1997 - Whiskey Blues - 3/5

Pat Travers - 1998 - Blues Tracks, Vol. 2 - 3/5

Pat Travers - 1998 - Born Under a Bad Sign - 4/5

Pat Travers - 2000 - Don't Feed the Alligators - 3.5/5

Pat Travers - 2003 - P.T. Power Trio - 3/5

Pat Travers - 2005 - Four Play - 4/5

Pat Travers - 2005 - PT,MC2 - 3.5/5

Pat Travers - 2006 - P.T. Power Trio, Vol. 2 - 4/5



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