Also known as The Otis Waygood Blues Band, they were formed by the Zipper brothers, Rob on guitar and Alan on bass, drummer Ivor Back and guitarist Leigh Sagar, all of whom originated from Zimbabwe. Their early influences were Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker, and it showed in their music. They moved to South Africa and became one of the country's best blues/rock bands. They moved to the UK, playing various small clubs, under the name of Isaiah. Original pressings of their three albums are extremely hard to find. Their cover of the classic "Fever" is one of the best ever recorded.
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Otis Waygood - 1970 - Otis Waygood Blues band - 4.5/5

Otis Waygood - 1971 - Simply Otis Waygood - 4/5

Otis Waygood - 1971 - Ten Light Claps and a Scream - 4/5



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