Novalis - Der Geigenspieler, released in 1978, from their " Vielleicht bist du ein Clown" album, the sixth from this great Hamburg based German band who were formed in 1971. They started out with a repertoire of King Crimson and Pink Floyd numbers. Their big break came when they were signed to the famous Brain label, alongside Jane, Grobschnitt, Guru Guru and Emergency, to name just a few. Their music was an excellent mix of folk and classical, combined with complex progressive undertones. They would go on to release a total of 12 albums before splitting in the mid 80's Highly recommended! Visit their website.

Novalis - Brandung, the title track of their 5th album, released in 1977. We've had a number of requests to feature more "krautrock" bands, and can you think of a better way to start the ball rolling than with one of Germany's best 70's era progressive outfits? We've featured Novalis on these pages before, so you can read up on this excellent Hamburg based outfit elsewhere. What is worth mentioning here, though, is that this is probably one of their best albums and it featured some excellent keyboard work by co-founder Lutz Rahn. Novalis continued to record into the eighties, but their best albums certainly came out of the early to mid seventies. 

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Novalis - 1973 - Banished Bridge - 3/5

Novalis - 1975 - Novalis - 4/5

Novalis - 1976 - Sommerabend - 4/5

Novalis - 1977 - Brandung - 3.5/5

Novalis - 1977 - Konzerte - 4/5

Novalis - 1978 - Vielleicht Bist du ein Clown - 3.5/5

Novalis - 1979 - Flossenengel - 3.5/5

Novalis - 1980 - Augenblicke - 2/5

Novalis - 1982 - Neumond - 2.5/5

Novalis - 1983 - Sterntaucher - 2.5/5

Novalis - 1985 - Nach uns die Flut - 2/5

Novalis - 1993 - Lebt - 2.5/5



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