Moxy became one of Canada's best heavy rock acts during the mid seventies. Formed in Toronto in the mid seventies by vocalist Buzz Shearman and guitarist Earl Johnson, they were also well received in the US, where they toured after the release of their third album in 1978. Shearman was plagued by booze and drug problems and he ultimately died following a motorcycle crash. His replacement was Michael Rynoski. Moxy released a fourth and final album before splitting in 1978. As far as we are aware, three of their albums are now available on CD and are great examples of powerhouse boogie rock.

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Biography by John Bush
Buddy Caine, Buzz Sherman, Bill Wade, Earl Johnson and Terry Juric founded Moxy in the mid-'70s. The hard rock band released two albums in both 1976 and 1977 (Moxy, Moxy II, Take It or Leave It and Ridin' High). After Buzz Sherman died in a motorcycle accident, the band recorded A Tribute to Buzz Sherman in 1984. 



Molly Hatchet
Child's Play
Coney Hatch
Harem Scarem
Henry Paul
Atlanta Rhythm Section
Dan McCafferty
Tygers of Pan Tang
Mama's Boys

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Moxy - 1976 - Moxy - 4/5

Moxy - 1976 - Moxy II - 3/5

Moxy - 1977 - Ridin' High - 2.5/5

Moxy - 1978 - Under the Lights - 1.5/5

Moxy - 2000 - V - 3/5

Moxy - 2002 - Raw - 4/5



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