Dedicated to bassist and co-founding member, Felix Pappalardi, who was shot to death by his wife, Gail Collins, on 17 April 1983. Formed in New York in 1968 by Pappalardi and vocalist/guitarist Leslie West, Mountain became one of the US's best and most exciting live acts, featuring at concerts like Woodstock and countless others. Original drummer Norman Smart proved to be inappropriate and was soon replaced by Corky Laing, a very energetic and incredibly good musician. Their first four albums charted in the US and the band were on the road to really big things, but Pappalardi left in 1972, leaving West and Laing to form West, Bruce and Laing with bassist Jack Bruce. This power trio recorded two studio albums and an awesome live album before Mountain was reformed, with West, Bruce and Laing joined by second guitarist David Perry, although this come-back was shortlived, with only one album,1974's "Avalanche", being released. West went on to perform and record as a soloist before reforming Mountain with Laing and Pappalardi in 1981, although no recordings were made at this stage. Mountain did record an album in 1985, however, with Uriah Heep and Colosseum bassist, Marke Clarke, joining Laing on their superb "Go for Your Life" album. Leslie West is still very much around today as a soloist once again. Corky Laing formed Cork a few years ago. Felix Pappalardi will also be remembered for the sterling production work he did with Cream and Bedlam.

Mountain - Nantucket Sleighride, from "Twin Peaks" in 1975, their 6th album. Another tribute, this time to bassist/vocalist and co-founder Felix Pappalardi, who died on 17 April 1983. (He was shot by his w ife, Gail Collins, who was actively involved in songwriting and drawing the sleeve artwork for the band's albums). Pappalardi formed this famous US hard rock outfit with ex-Vagrants guitarist Leslie West in New York in 1968. The quartet was completed by drummer Corky Laing and keyboard player Steve Knight, and this line-up played at the Woodstock festival in 1970. They released their debut album, "Mountain Climbing", shortly afterwards. (West had released a solo album, "Leslie West Mountain", which was produced by Pappalardi, in 1969. Mountain, the band, was born almost immediately after this album was released). Mountain went on to release four albums between 1970 and 1972, with the various members moving on to solo projects for a short period (Pappalardi was also i nvolved in production work with the likes of Cream and Bedlam). West, (Jack) Bruce (Cream, etc) and Laing was formed in 1972 and released three albums. M ountain reformed in 1974 and released the poorly received "Avalanche" a lbum that year, closely followed by our featured album, recorded live in Japan. This album proved to be the last Mountain album until 1984, when West and Laing joined up with ex-Uriah Heep/Colosseum/Tempest bassist Mark Clarke. They recorded "Go for your Life" (recently released on CD) in 1985 and spent the rest of that year touring Europe with Deep Purple, but split again soon afterwards. West continued to record sporadically as a soloist, all the while endorsing his reputation as one of the world's premier guitarists. He again revived Mountain in the nineties, once again with Clarke and Laing, r eleasing "Man's World" in 1996. He was also involved with recordings for Blues Bureau International Records and recently (1999) released a new solo album, "As Phat as it gets". The man gets better and better as he gets older. If you ever hear him play "Theme for an Imaginary Western" live, you'll find that he always dedicates it to his much loved friend, Felix Pappalardi. 

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Biography by Steve Huey
Hard rock band Mountain was formed in 1969 by guitarist Leslie West and bassist and former Cream producer Felix Pappalardi. The two met while West was a member of Long Island R&B band the Vagrants, local heroes who never broke nationally; when West left to record the solo album Mountain, Pappalardi produced it for him. The results were satisfying enough for the two to form a partnership, and Mountain's first lineup included drummer N.D. Smart and keyboardist Steve Knight. The group played its fourth live performance ever at Woodstock, after which Smart was replaced by Corky Laing. Their debut album, 1970's Mountain Climbing!, went gold, thanks in part to the hard rock classic "Mississippi Queen." Nantucket Sleighride was equally successful, but the group failed to progress with its next album, and after Mountain Live in 1972, the group broke up.

Pappalardi, whose hearing had been damaged by Mountain's excessive in-concert volume, returned to production, while West and Laing teamed up with ex-Cream bassist Jack Bruce under the name West, Bruce & Laing. A brief reunion featuring West and Pappalardi from the group's original lineup took place in 1974. In subsequent years, West and Laing revived the group for live shows, sometimes joined by Pappalardi; West also performed with his own Leslie West Band. Pappalardi was shot and killed by his wife in 1983. Two years later, West and Laing regrouped with Mark Clarke on bass and recorded an album before once again calling it quits. Laing served as PolyGram's A&R vice president in Canada between 1989 and 1995. In 1996, he reunited with West and Clarke for a new Mountain album, Man's World. West and Laing teamed up again in 2002 for another album as Mountain, Mystic Fire. 


Corky Laing
Mark Clarke
Steve Knight
Felix Pappalardi
David Perry
Leslie West
N.D. Smart II

The Who
Thin Lizzy
Ten Years After
The James Gang
Tommy Bolin
Beck, Bogert & Appice
David Rea
Leslie West
Jack Bruce
Grand Funk Railroad
Blue Cheer
Blind Faith

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Mountain - 1970 - Climbing - 4.5/5

Mountain - 1971 - Flowers of Evil - 3/5

Mountain - 1971 - Nantucket Sleighride - 3/5

Mountain - 1974 - Avalanche - 2/5

Mountain - 1985 - Go for Your Life - 2/5

Mountain - 1996 - Man's World - 2.5/5

Mountain - 2002 - Mystic Fire - 2.5/5

Mountain - 2004 - Eruption - 2.5/5

Mountain - 2005 - Fillmore East 12,27,70 - 4/5

Mountain - 2005 - Passaic NJ Capitol Theatre '74 - 4/5

Mountain - 2006 - Live in Texas 2005 - 4/5



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