Mother's Army - Moruroa Atoll, from "Fire on the Moon" in 1998, their 2nd album. The vocalist of this up and coming supergroup is the subject of this week's Dino Quiz (number 209) and a copy of this very album is the giveaway prize. Mother's Army are a US hard rock outfit featuring the talents of drummer Aynsley Dunbar (Retaliation, Journey and many others), guitarist Jeff Watson (Nightranger/Steve Morse Band), bassist Bob Daisley (Ozzy, Khavas Jute, Uriah Heep,Gary Moore and others) and vocalist Joe Lynn Turner, who'd worked with Fandango, Malmsteen's Rising Force, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Brazen Abbot and others. Their debut album, ''Planet Earth", was released in 1997, and it featured drummer Carmine Appice, another veteran of the rock scene. Mother's Army's music is basically full on hard rock with many excellent and melodic moments. You wouldn't expect anything less from such an illustrious line-up. Both albums are highly recommended. Question: Name at least one band that vocalist Joe Lynn Turner has featured with. 

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Mother's Army - 1993 - Mother's Army - 3.5/5

Mother's Army - 1997 - Planet Earth - 2.5/5

Mother's Army - 1998 - Fire On The Moon - 3.5/5



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