Mogg / Way - Jerusalem, from "Chocolate Box" in 1999, their second album. Hardly Dinosaur stuff, you might say, but apart from the fact that the music on this album is nothing short of excellent, most of the members in this "supergroup" have serious pedigrees and have been around for years. Both Phil Mogg (vocals) and Pete Way (bass) were/are with UFO( although, after reading the recent reports about their live concerts with Michael Schenker a while back, it seems debatable if UFO are still a going concern!), Paul Raymond on keyboards (Savoy Brown, MSG, etc), Simon Wright (A II Z, Tytan, AC/DC) on drums and Jeff Kollman (Edwin Dare and the brilliant Cosmosquad) on guitars. The musicianship and songwriting on this album are astounding and it's a mystery while this album, which is way better than their debut, "Edge of the World", released in 1997, apparently hasn't done particularly well. Mogg's voice is, as always, on a par with the best. Kollman is a revelation, one of the finest rock/fusion guitarists around and he's already appeared on a number of albums, including a few solo efforts. (There's a new Cosmosquad on the way too). If UFO are finally a spent force after the recent debacle, hopefully Mogg/Way will be able to pull in the crowds instead - they're certainly not short of talent! 

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Phil Mogg
Pete Way


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Mogg / Way - 1997 - Edge of the World - 4/5

Mogg / Way - 1999 - Chocolate Box - 3.5/5



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