Mirage - For Andy, from "A Secret Place" in 1999, their debut album. Mirage are an excellent Camel-inspired (the band's name and the title of our featured track, may give a slight hint in this direction!) progressive French quartet who would appear to have been formed in the late n ineties. The members are Stephan Forner on guitars and vocals, Agnes Forner on vocals and flute, Joel Mondon on drums, Philippe Duplessy on keyboards and C yrille Forner on bass. They're a pretty good band and write good songs, with elements of jazz fused with progressive rock, and if this "debut" (on Musea R ecords) album is anything to go by, they've got a lot to offer. 

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Mirage - 1999 - A Secret Place - 4/5

Mirage - 2004 - Tales From the Green Sofa - 3.5/5



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