Mindstorm - Sweet Lovin', from "Mindstorm 3", released in 1996. On the subject of Led Zep "clones", we present another awesome Canadian outfit, formed in the late eighties by vocalist/songwriter Travis Mitchell. If you thought Pavlov Dog's David Surkamp had a high and powerful voice, you ain't heard sweet fanny adams yet. Mitchell, who at times sounds very much like, and can easily compete with, and beat, the best female singer you can think of, has a voice that can break glass/get your dog breakdancing around the room. The band's debut self-titled album was released in 1987 and featured Al Rodgers on guitars, Bruce Moffet on drums, Russell Boswell on bass (both ex-Corey Hart) and Billy Szawlowski and Gary Moffet, both ex-April Wine, on keyboards. The album is a stunning combination of Eastern influences, brooding ballads and powerful rockers with slick guitar and drum bits. The second album, "Back to Reality", released in 1991, was equally as good, although comparisons with Led Zep are unfortunately unavoidable. But what the hell - Zepellin were one of the world's best bands, and if you're influenced by them and you can make yourself sound a bit like them, but still have your own individuality, nothing wrong with that. Ask Lenny Wolf - he'll tell you. So will Jack Russell and the rest of the guys in Great White! Five years later sees the release of the third album, and this time we get to see a few pictures of what Travis Mitchell actually looks like: the pictures sure suit the voice! This third album features Gary Moffet once again, but this time playing the instrument he's better known for: the guitar, April Wine drummer Gerry Mercer, second guitarist Jason Lang and keyboard player Lance Neveu. Boswell is still playing bass. The album is on a par with the previous two, and they do a stunning cover of "Weeping Widow", the April Wine classic. (Somehow, somewhere you get the notion that Mindstorm and April Wine have the odd connection here and there!). Canadian bands, Mindstorm included, seldom fail to impress. They just need to work on their rugby team now!

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Mindstorm - 1996 - Mindstorm III - 3.5/5

Mindstorm - 2006 - Back to Reality - 3.5/5

Mindstorm - 2006 - Mindstorm - 3.5/5



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