Message - Changes, from their debut album, ''The Dawn anew is Comin' ", released in 1972. Message were one of those enigmas of the Krautrock scene, in that their origins were not only from Germany, but also from Britain. They evolved out of an early sixties Scottish rock 'n roll band called The Waysiders. When they split, guitarist Allan Murdoch returned to England and ended up playing in a band called M15 with future Nektar keyboard player Allan ' Taff ' Freeman. Due to lack of media interest, M15 moved to Germany in 1967 and eventually became Prophesy which evolved into Nektar. In the meantime, current Birth Control bassist Horst Stachelhaus had formed Message in 1968 and the two bands became close friends. Murdoch joined Message and invited along his old friend, vocalist and sax player Tom McGuigan, and that's how the British / German Message was formed. The band were similar in style to Nektar in many ways. Message combined the best of British heavy progressive styles with Krautrock innovation, and they secured a record deal with German label Bacillus and released their excellent debut album in 1972. As good as the album was, it was only when they released their second album, "From Books and Dreams", that people started to realize their worth. In 1975, drummer Manfred von Bohr (also later to join Birth Control), replaced Gunther Klingel and the band also had a change of record label, moving to Nova Records. (The new album, self-titled and released in 1975, also received a British release on Deca Records). Subsequent albums saw them move into a slightly more jazzy direction, but after a few more disappointing albums, they split in the early eighties.

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Tom McGuigan
Allan Murdoch
Horst Stachelhaus
Manfred Von Bohr


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Message - 1972 - The Dawn Anew Is Coming - 4/5

Message - 1973 - From Books and Dreams - 3.5/5

Message - 1975 - Message - 2.5/5

Message - 1976 - Synapse - 2.5/5

Message - 1977 - Using the Head - 2/5

Message - 1978 - Astral Journeys - 4/5

Message - 1980 - Miles of Smiles - 3.5/5

Message - 1998 - Fine Line - 2.5/5

Message - 2000 - Outside Looking In - 4/5



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