Formed in Ireland in 1968, this psychedelic folk/rock outfit featured the singing talents of two ladies, Alison Williams and Clodagh Simonds,( who was only 15 at the time when they released their first single "Feeling High", four years previously! ), in addition to bassist Frank Boylan, drummer William Murray and guitarist Dave Williams. Their album, apart from being one of the most expensive on the Deram label, presents truly imaginative psychedelic folk/rock music that is more mystical than Fairport Convention and less fragile than Trees or Wooden Horse. It's difficult to understand why they didn't find more recognition at the time, given the sheer quality of their performance on the album. A single taken fron the album, "Dan the Wing", also sold poorly. A second album, "The Virgin Prophet", featuring unreleased and different versions of songs found on "Swaddling Songs", was released on Kissing Spell records in the mid nineties. Clodagh Simonds sang on Mike Oldfield's "Hergest Ridge" album in 1974 and on Jade Warrior's "Kites" album in 1976. Both girls featured on Thin Lizzy's "Shades of a Blue Orphanage" album in 1972. Alison ( later O'Donnell ) and David Williams moved to South Africa in the late 70's and formed Flibbertigibbet, a traditional English/Irish folk outfit. An album, "Whistling Jigs to the Moon", was released in 1978. When Flibbertigibbet broke up in 1979, both Alison ( Assie) and David pursued solo careers, with David later moving to Cape Town and Assie returning to the UK. 
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Mellow Candle - 1996 - Swaddling Songs - 4/5



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