McChurch Soundroom - Trouble, taken off "Delusion" in 1971, their first and, sadly, only album. Once in a while you have the pleasure of owning/listening to an album that is just class through and through, not having a single flaw or weak track. McChurch Soundroom's album is a case in point. A German band, they were a bit of a mystery in that their album sleeve gave very little information as to who the featured musicians were and what instruments they played. They were a progressive band, making great use of flutes, Hammonds and guitars, on a par with greats such as Gravy Train and Thirsty Moon, another great German outfit. Ohrwaschl Records in Berlin, Germany, released the album on CD in 1993 and it really is a worthwhile purchase if you're into good, well played classic progressive rock.

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Mcchurch Soundroom - 1971 - Delusion - 3.5/5



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