May Blitz, alongside Clear Blue Sky, Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep, were amongst the earliest and heaviest acts to be signed to the fledgling Vertigo label at the time. Another British power rock trio, they were formed by ex-Sounds Incorporated and Jeff Beck Group drummer Tony Newman, who was joined by bassist Reid Hudson and guitarist/vocalist James Black. They quickly built up a strong live reputation with their crowd-pleasing powerhouse approach, and this no doubt led to them being signed by Vertigo. Their self-titled album featured some seriously strong guitar parts by Black with a number of fairly long tracks, and this ultimately mitigated against radio play. The album consequently sold mostly through word of mouth and at live gigs, which is probably one of the reasons why it's quite rare and collectable today. The eye-catching cover of the album featured a grotesque cartoon of " May Blitz", a kind of Neanderthal female sumo wrestler, the kind who keeps you warm in winter and in whose shade you can sleep in summer! Their follow-up album, "The Second of May", released in 1971, also on Vertigo and substantially rarer and more valuable than their debut, was also very good, although it would appear that it was felt that it wasn't on a par with the debut. The band split in the early seventies, with Newman going on to feature with the likes of The Three Man Army ( with the Gurvitz brothers, of Gun fame), Bowie, Marc Bolan, Boxer (Mike Patto) and Coverdale's Whitesnake. Both Hudson and Black appeared to have nothing more to do with the music industry when the band split.
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