Manfred Mann, born Manfred Lubowitz inJ ohannesburg, South Africa on 21 October 1940, settled in the UK in the early sixties, having left the country that he still dislikes to this day. The original Earthband was formed after Mann's bold attempt at jazz/rock with his Chapter Three failed dismally, although both albums were very good. This incarnation of the Earthband has been the longest, surviving for over 20 years. The initial line-up was Mann on keyboards, Chris Slade on drums, Mick Rogers on guitar and vocals and Colin Pattenden on bass. Their self-titled debut album was released in 1972, but it was not until their third album, 'Messin' ", that both success and acclaim arrived. Further albums such as "Solar Fire"," Nightingales and Bombers", ''Roaring Silence'', and this, our featured album, were all excellent. Mann had proved himself to be one of the best keyboard p layers in the UK at the time, and he had some seriously good musicians in his band to boot. The Earthband continued to record well into the eighties and Mann is still around today. 

Manfred Mann's Earthband 
Manfred Mann's Earthband - Spirits in the Night, from "Nightingales and Bombers" in 1975, the Earthband's 6th album.(Manfred Mann is the subject of this week's Dino Quiz, number 213, and a copy of the band's third album, "Messin' ", is the giveaway prize). Keyboard player Manfred Mann, born Manfred Lubowitz in Johannesburg, on 21 October 1940, left South Africa for the UK in 1961. He met drummer Mike Hugg and they recorded for a while together before forming the brass rock outfit, Chapter 3, in 1969. Chapter 3 released two albums for Vertigo Records, both of which are available on CD. Mann then formed the Earthband with guitarist/vocalist Mick Rogers, bassist Colin Pattenden and drummer Chris Slade, and they released their self-titled debut albm in 1972. Every subsequent Earthband was as good, if not better, than the previous one, but the stand-out albums were undoubtedly "Solar Fire" in 1973, "The Good Earth" the following year, and our featured album, with it's great Springsteen cover. The Earthband continued to record and perform well into the eighties, with the likes of guitarists Chris Thompson and Geoff Whitehorn featuring with the band at various stages. Manfred Mann is still living in the UK and composing music of the highest order. 
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Manfred Mann's Earthband - 1972 - Glorified Magnified - 4/5

Manfred Mann's Earthband - 1972 - Manfred Mann's Earth band - 4.5/5

Manfred Mann's Earthband - 1973 - Get Your Rocks Off - 3/5

Manfred Mann's Earthband - 1973 - Messin' - 4/5

Manfred Mann's Earthband - 1973 - Solar Fire - 4/5

Manfred Mann's Earthband - 1974 - The Good Earth - 3.5/5

Manfred Mann's Earthband - 1975 - Nightingales and Bombers - 4/5

Manfred Mann's Earthband - 1976 - The Roaring Silence - 4/5

Manfred Mann's Earthband - 1978 - Watch - 2/5

Manfred Mann's Earthband - 1979 - Angel Station - 3/5

Manfred Mann's Earthband - 1980 - Chance - 3.5/5

Manfred Mann's Earthband - 1983 - Somewhere in Afrika - 3/5

Manfred Mann's Earthband - 1986 - Criminal Tango - 3.5/5

Manfred Mann's Earthband - 1987 - Masque - 2.5/5

Manfred Mann's Earthband - 1996 - Soft Vengeance - 3.5/5

Manfred Mann's Earthband - 2001 - Wired - 4/5

Manfred Mann's Earthband - 2005 - 2006 - 4/5

Manfred Mann's Earthband - 2006 - Alive in America - 3/5



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