Glaswegian Maggie Bell was the powerful voice of Scottish prog/blues/soul rockers Stone the Crows, back in the late sixties/early seventies. Stone the Crows, who started out as Power, were 'discovered' by Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant, who was impressed with guitarist Les Harvey and Bell's raucous vocals, which gave them a winning blend. Bell, once a window dresser by day and a musician by night and acclaimed as England's top lady singer of 1972, embarked on a solo career in the early seventies following the demise of Stone the Crows. (Harvey was tragically killed on stage by a "live" microphone during a gig at Swansea University). She released her first solo album, "Queen of the Night", which was generally felt to be her best solo album, in 1974, and then this album, which has recently been released on CD, the following year. Sadly her solo career never achieved the success her talent suggested, and she featured on a number of albums by artists such as Denny Laine and Eric Burdon, to name just a few. She also appeared with Ellis in the early 70's ( with Stone the Crows and later Focus drummer, Colin Allen, bassist Jim Leverton, vocalist Steve Ellis, guitarist Andy Gee and keyboard player Zoot Money ), and she also fronted Midnight Flyer in 1981. She also released an excellent, but sadly unheralded solo album called " Crimes of the Heart" in 1988. 

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Biography by William Ruhlmann
Scottish soul-rock singer Maggie Bell first gained prominence singing with Stone the Crows, which released its first album in 1970 and broke up in June 1973. Bell went solo with Queen of the Night (featuring the U.S. number 97 "After Midnight") in 1974, followed by Suicide Sal, both of which charted in the U.S. Her only U.K. chart singles came with "Hazell" (number 37) in 1978, and a duet with B.A. Robertson, "Hold Me" (number 11), in 1981. 



Stone the Crows

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Maggie Bell - 1974 - Queen of the Night - 3/5

Maggie Bell - 1975 - Suicide Sal - 4.5/5

Maggie Bell - 1977 - Great Rock Sensation - 2/5

Maggie Bell - 2002 - Live at the Rainbow, 1974 - 2.5/5

Maggie Bell - 2003 - Live at the Boston USA 1975 - 4/5

Maggie Bell - 2004 - Coming on Strong - 4/5



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