No Popeye badges for guessing where this talented jazz/rock outfit came from. It would appear as if they were formed in the late sixties as a trio by guitarist George Wadenius, drummer Tommy Borgudd and bassist Bo Haggstrom. They released their debut album, "Made in Sweden - with love" on the Sonet label in 1969. Information about the band is a bit difficult to come by, but we do know that later albums aw the addition of other musicians, including Pekka Pohjola (Wigwam) and Vesa Aaltonen (Tasavallan Presidentti) on bass and drums respectively, on our featured album, which would appear to be their final album. This album also featured Wlodek Gulgowski on keyboards and Tommy Korberg on vocals. In the meantime, Wadenius had built up quite a decent resume, having featured with the likes of Blood, Sweat & Tears, Grace Slick and Roberta Flack. Made in Sweden's albums are hard to come by, but if you do happen to spot them, give them a listen. 
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Solar Plexus

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Made in Sweden - 1968 - With Love - 3.5/5

Made in Sweden - 1969 - Snakes in a Hole - 3.5/5

Made in Sweden - 1970 - I Regnbagslandet - 3.5/5

Made in Sweden - 1970 - Made in England - 4/5

Made in Sweden - 1976 - Where Do We Begin - 4/5

Made in Sweden - 2006 - Live at the Golden Circle - 4/5



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