Love Sculpture were a UK blues outfit formed in Cardiff, Wales, originally as The Human Beans. The original line-up featured Tommy Riley on drums, John Williams on vocals, bass and keyboards and Dave Edmunds on guitar, keyboards and vocals. Riley left soon after the release of their first single, ''River to Another Day", and was replaced by Bob Jones. Our featured number, a stunning cover of the Willie Dixon classic, was also released as a single, but it unfortunately didn't sell too well. The band is probably best known for their Top Ten instrumental hit with their seven minute breakneck version of Khachaturian's Russina classical piece, "Sabre Dance", which reached number five on the UK charts. Their second album, "Forms and Feelings", released in 1969, contained an eleven minute version of "Sabre Dance", which was naturally the album's highlight. The band embarked on a moderately successful tour of the US but split on their return to their native country, with the various members going on to other projects: Edmunds enjoyed a successful solo career and became well known for his work with many other artists as well as with his own outfit, Rockpile, Bob Jones' replacement Terry Williams featured in Man and original drummer Riley formed The Memphis Band. 

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Biography by John Dougan
A British blues-rock band of the late '60s that, despite being very good, would normally be relegated to footnote status if it were not for the fact that the lead guitarist of this trio was the soon-to-be-famous Dave Edmunds. Like many similar bands of the times, Love Sculpture was really a showpiece for Edmunds' guitar-playing talents (which on the first LP are considerable), and little else. The covers are well-chosen, slightly revved-up, but mostly reverent versions of blues classics. They had a fluke hit in 1968 with a cover of the classical piece "Sabre Dance," rearranged for guitar. After two LPs, Love Sculpture split up in 1970. Edmunds went on to solo success ("I Hear You Knockin'") and a long, sometimes contentious relationship with ex-Brinsley Schwarz bassist Nick Lowe, which culminated in the great band Rockpile. Still, Love Sculpture, though slightly dated, is a hoot to listen. And Edmunds, full of youthful bravado and dazzling technique, certainly knows his way up and down a fret board. 


Dave Edmunds
Bob Jones
John C. Williams

Wishbone Ash

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Love Sculpture - 1968 - Blues Helping - 4.5/5

Love Sculpture - 1969 - Forms & Feelings - 3/5



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