Lone Star - The Bells of Berlin, from "Firing on all Six" in 1977, their second album. Lone Star were a Welsh/English band formed in May 1975 by guitarists Paul Chapman (ex-UFO) and Tony Smith, vocalist Kenny Driscoll, drummer Dixie Lee and bassist Pete Hurley. Their self-titled debut, released on CBS Records in 1976 was an absolute killer, one of the best rock albums of the era. It was awash with breathtaking rockers and emotive numbers, and it set the stage for seemingly greater things to come. For this, our featured album, Driscoll had been replaced by John Sloman. The band unfortunately split in November 1978, with Sloman joining Uriah Heep (he appeared on their "Conquest" album, but it was generally felt that he wasn't right for Heep), and then moving on to Gary Moore's band before embarking on a solo career. Lee later joined Wild Horses in 1980, Chapman returned to UFO and Tony Smith formed The Screen Idols. If you enjoy British hard rock in the Led Zep/Deep Purple vein, you need to check out these two albums. A third, unreleased album, called "Riding High", and featuring Chapman as the onlyg uitarist, together with Sloman, Hurley, Lee and Rick Worsnop on bass, was recorded between January and August 1978. The album was never previously released, until 1999, that is, when Zoom Club Records released it in all its glory. A little piece of rock history from a great band. Oh, by the way, a live album, "BBC Radio One Live in Concert", was released in 1994 as well. 

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Ken Driscoll
Pete Hurley
Dixie Lee
John Sloman
Tony Smith
Rick Worsnop
Paul Chapman

Kip Winger
Vernon Reid
Michael Schenker
Marty Friedman
Heavy Metal Horns
Ten Wheel Drive

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Lone Star - 1976 - Lone Star - 3/5

Lone Star - 1977 - Firing on All Six - 4.5/5

Lone Star - 1995 - BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert - 2/5

Lone Star - 2002 - Riding High - 3.5/5

Lone Star - 2004 - Lone Star, Firing on All Six - 3.5/5



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