Legs Diamonds - Rat Race, from "Legs Diamond", their self-titled debut album, released in 1977. Legs Diamond had an element of class and professionalism from the very first day they were formed. Their roots go back to San Francisco in the mid seventies when they were formed by bassist Michael Diamond and drummer Jeff Poole. Moving to Los Angeles, they recruited vocalist Rick Sanford, guitarist Roger Romeo and keyboard player/guitarist Michael Prince. They were signed to Mercury Records in 1977 and they released this excellent debut album that year. Although the songs were of a high standard, it was generally felt that the album was let down by weak production (Derek Lawrence, who handled production work on Deep Purple's first three albums, produced this album). The follow-up offering, "A Diamond is a Hard Rock", was released the same year, and they toured as support to Styx, Ted Nugent and Kiss to promote this second album, which was an improvement on the debut. Unfortunately they were soon dropped by their label and subsequently signed to the independent Cream Record label, for whom they released arguably their weakest album, "Fire Power", in 1978. This album heralded a change in style to a more AOR orientated approach, but it was poorly received, and the members decided to go their separate ways. Sanford, Romeo and Prince revived the band in 1984 and, joined by new members, Dusty Watson on drums and Mike Christie on bass, they signed to Music for Nations. Their "Out on Bail" album, released in 1984, proved to be one of their best albums, and subsequent albums have captured much of the promise and excitement they failed to deliver first time around. Most of their albums are now available on CD and are highly recommended.

Biography by Greg Prato
Legs Diamond was an obscure hard rock/heavy metal band from the late '70s. Founding members Michael Diamond (bass) and Jeff Poole (drums) were originally from the San Francisco area, but it wasn't until the duo relocated to Los Angeles that they found the missing pieces to the puzzle — singer Rick Sanford, guitarist Roger Romeo, and keyboard player/guitarist Mike Prince — resulting in a recording contract with Mercury. 1977 saw a pair of releases, a self-titled debut and A Diamond Is a Hard Rock, and although they supported both albums with arena tours opening for such major rock acts as Styx, Ted Nugent, and Kiss, neither failed to dent the charts. Shortly after a switch to the independent Cream label a year later, Legs Diamond issued their third release overall, Fire Power, which was a more mainstream-oriented release, as the group hoped that the switch would bring them breakthrough success. The ploy didn't work, as it was even more poorly received than their previous releases, leading to the group's breakup shortly thereafter. In 1984, Sanford, Romeo, and Prince revived the group (with newcomers Dusty Watson on drums and Mike Christie on bass), issuing several ignored albums — 1984's Out on Bail, 1986's Land of the Gun, and 1990's Town Bad Girl — before splitting up once more. But in 2001, Legs Diamond was revived again for a new release, The Wish. 


Mike Christie
Jim May
Mike Prince
Dusty Watson
Jeff Poole
Roger Romeo
Rick Sanford
Michael Diamond

Coney Hatch
Hanoi Rocks
Grand Funk Railroad
Pretty Maids
Quiet Riot
Killer Dwarfs
Molly Hatchet
Gamma Ray
Ted Nugent
Ugly Kid Joe
Mama's Boys

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Legs Diamond - 1977 - A Diamond Is a Hard Rock - 3/5

Legs Diamond - 1978 - Fire Power - 3/5

Legs Diamond - 2001 - Captured Live - 4/5

Legs Diamond - 2001 - The Wish - 4/5

Legs Diamond - 2005 - Diamonds Are Forever - 5/5



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