Time to bring in the heavies! Swiss rockers Krokus were formed in 1974 as a prog outfit, in the same vein as Genesis, Yes and ELP. Their vocalist and only non Swiss member of the band, Maltese born Marc Storace, had previously been in a very competent prog outfit called "Tea", so that's obviously where some of the prog roots came from. They released two lacklustre albums that failed to do much for them and they soon adopted a more basic hard rock/boogie style, akin to AC/DC and others. Krokus, although a very good band with some great musicians, have never really set the charts on fire, always seemingly hiding in the shadows of the AC/DC's of the world, which is a pity, because they really did record some amazing material, and were, and apparently still are, a dynamite live act. Storace left in the late 80's and the band seem to have had a stop/start career of late, but they are still around and recently cancelled a UK tour. Current vocalist is apparently Carl Sentence from Welsh rockers, Persian Risk.

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Biography by Steve Huey
A typical mid-'80s Euro-metal band from Switzerland, Krokus formed back in the '70s as a symphonic rock outfit modeled on the likes of Yes and ELP, switching to metal when the band's former direction proved unprofitable. The hard rock lineup included Maltese-born vocalist Marc Storace, guitarists Fernando Von Arb and Tommy Kiefer, bassist Chris Von Rohr (originally the lead vocalist), and drummer Freddy Steady. Kiefer was replaced by roadie Mark Kohler in 1982. Their brand of metal relies heavily on AC/DC and the Scorpions, with simple, radio-friendly riffs and repeatedly chanted choruses. Their biggest hit was a cover of Alice Cooper's "School's Out." The band has undergone several personnel changes, and their career started to go downhill in 1985. 


Freddy Steady

Iron Maiden
Don Dokken
McAuley-Schenker Group
Black Sabbath
Armored Saint

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Krokus - 1976 - Krokus - 3/5

Krokus - 1977 - To You All - 3/5

Krokus - 1978 - Painkiller - 2/5

Krokus - 1980 - Metal Rendez-Vous - 2.5/5

Krokus - 1981 - Hardware - 1.5/5

Krokus - 1982 - One Vice at a Time - 3/5

Krokus - 1983 - Headhunter - 4/5

Krokus - 1984 - The Blitz - 3/5

Krokus - 1985 - Change of Address - 1.5/5

Krokus - 1986 - Alive and Screamin' - 2/5

Krokus - 1987 - Heart Attack - 2.5/5

Krokus - 1991 - Stampede - 3/5

Krokus - 1995 - To Rock or Not to Be - 3/5

Krokus - 2000 - Round 13 - 1.5/5

Krokus - 2003 - Rock the Block - 3.5/5

Krokus - 2006 - Hellraiser - 3.5/5



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