Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu and Rabbit - Just for the box, taken off their self-titled debut, and only, album, released in 1972. Dedicated to one of the best guitarists in the world: Paul Kossoff, who died on 19 March, 1976. When Free split for the first time in May 1971, Kossoff formed this studio
combo, together with fellow Free drummer, Simon Kirke, bassist Tetsu Yamauchi and keyboard player, John "Rabbit" Bundrick. Musically, their album is soulful blues/rock, reminiscent of Free, but not quite matching their predecessor in style and musical quality. After recording their sole album, Kossoff and Kirke returned to the reformed Free in early 1972, and Tetsu and Rabbit followed in July that year.

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Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu & Rabbit - 1972 - Kossoff Kirke Tetsu Rabbit - 3.5/5



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