US blues/rock outfit Kingfish were formed in 1973 by guitarist/vocalist/harp player Matt Kelly and bassist/vocalist David Torbert. Although the band was not an offshoot of The Grateful Dead, both musicians had had strong ties with The Dead over the years, and both had appeared on their "Wake of the Flood" and "Shakedown Street" albums and Kelly also had ties with The New Riders of the Purple Sage in 1974. When they formed Kingfish, they were joined by Bobby Hoddinott on guitar, Mick Ward on keyboards and Chris Herold on drums. Theyr eleased their self-titled debut album in 1976. The album also featured Grateful Dead vocalist/guitarist Bob Weir, who, in fact, replaced Mick Ward, who was killed in a car crash. Kingfish recorded four albums in total (plus a live "King Biscuit Flower Hour" album, recorded in April 1976), before splitting in the early 80's. Torbert died of a heart attack at the age of 33 in 1983. Since the eighties, Kelly has maintained the Kingfish name and has continued to tour with some fairly impressive line-ups throughout the years. 

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Biography by Chip Renner
Kingfish is a San Francisco-influenced band which originally featured the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir, singer/harpist Matthew Kelly, bassist Dave Torbert, guitarist Robby Hoddinott, and drummer Chris Herolo. Debuting in 1976 with a self-titled LP, Kingfish resurfaced a year later with Live N Kickin; by 1978's Trident, Weir had exited, as had Hoddinot and Herolo — over the years to follow Kelly assumed full leadership, and after a series of live releases the group released Sundown on the Forest, its first studio effort in two decades, in 1999. 



Bobby & The Midnites
Bob Weir
Grateful Dead
Rick Danko

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Kingfish - 1977 - Live 'n' Kickin' - 3/5

Kingfish - 1978 - Trident - 3/5

Kingfish - 1985 - Alive in '85 - 2/5

Kingfish - 1985 - Kingfish (Grateful Dead Records) - 4.5/5

Kingfish - 1995 - Kingfish (Arista) - 2.5/5

Kingfish - 1996 - King Biscuit Flower hour - 3/5

Kingfish - 1997 - Night in New York - 2.5/5

Kingfish - 1999 - Sundown on the Forest - 1.5/5

Kingfish - 2000 - Live - 2/5

Kingfish - 2003 - From the Front Row Live - 4/5

Kingfish - 2004 - I Hear You Knockin' - 3/5



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